Learning Circle
Product Features

Learning Circle provides performance information to connect communities and classrooms to better serve each student.


Learning Circle's Easy-to-Use Dashboards help Schools and Community Partners

  • Schools and community organizations can view trends in attendance, behavior and core academics (ABCs) data over time.
  • School staff can quickly see student involvement in both in-school and out-of-school programs.
  • Community counselors and coordinators can analyze ABC data for the students involved in their programs.

Use Filtering and Trends to Ensure All Student Populations are being Served

  • Disaggregate information by race, ethnicity and gender to determine academic gaps.
  • Ensure at-risk students are receiving the right strategies in school and community support.
  • Gain immediate access to information on students recently enrolled in a school, district or community program.

Use Programs Screens to Keep Track of Enrolled Students

  • Program management allows community partners (with parental consent) to enroll their students for dashboard visibility.
  • Program screen features allow for ease-of-use in managing student lists.
  • Build a custom list of student you wish to monitor and use this list as a filter when needed.

Create Interventions and Collaborate with Other School and Community Team Members

  • Schools and community organizations have a common view of student data so they can communicate and collaborate on intervention strategies.
  • Individual student dashboards mark intervention start and end date on performance trend graphs
  • Easily see how attendance, behavior and core academics are being impacted by interventions.

Create Comparison, Intervention, Program and Usage Reports

  • Use comparison reports to measure performance outcomes of two distinct groups that you establish using filters.
  • Easily compare outcomes by EWI type: Overall, attendance, behavior or core academics.
  • Drill even deeper into core academics by analyzing English, math, science and social studies outcomes.