Learning Circle Success Story
Boys & Girls Club of Columbus

CEO Rebecca Asmo explains how Learning Circle helped The Boys & Girls Club of Columbus positively impact the life of a child.

The Boys & Girls Club started using the Learning Circle tool in 2013. Since we’ve started using it has added great depth to our organization and our ability to deliver programs effectively to young people in this community.

Rebecca Asmo

CEO, Boys & Girls Club of Columbus

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In 2015, Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus wanted to honor a high school student who had been an exemplary Boys & Girls Clubs member for a number of years by choosing him as the Columbus organization’s Youth of the Year. Part of this honor meant he’d also be competing in the State of Ohio’s Youth of the Year competition.

In preparation for this competition, the staff at Boys & Girls Club of Columbus pulled up the student’s Learning Circle profile to see how he was doing in school.

He was doing great with attendance and behavior, but he’d recently let his grades drop from mostly Bs to a lot of Fs.


The Boys & Clubs of Columbus staff was prompted to have conversation with the student after reviewing his Learning Circle profile.

The staff explained to the student, his grades needed to improve to be successful in the Youth of the Year competition. Through this conversation they learned the student was facing a myriad of personal challenges at home and in the classroom.

Without the real-time academic data provided by Learning Circle, The Boys & Girls Club of Columbus wouldn’t have been able to help the student with his grades at the right time.

With Learning Circle the Boys & Girls Club of Columbus was able to address the issue before it was too late.


The Boys & Girls Club of Columbus gained valuable insight from Learning Circle to help get the student back on track academically.

The student went on to place second in the State of Ohio’s Youth of the Year competition. This earned him at $2,000 college scholarship.